Watch Now on Vimeo On Demand

Watch all 3 episodes of Australia’s biggest heavy metal documentary series, METAL DOWN UNDER in HD on Vimeo’s On Demand service. You’ll also have access to all the bonus features included on the DVD.

Click the following link to get a 25% discount off the ‘Buy All’ option for the first 25 people:

So for all of you who wanted the clarity of Blu-Ray this (along with iTunes) is your best bet to get the best quality. You can buy to stream and download (keep forever for $12 USD) or rent all three episodes for only $5 USD.

For everyone in the USA who has been contacting me on how to view it, this is your best bet. iTunes will not allow the video in the USA because it does not have closed captions (yet) so Vimeo is the way to go.

Metal Down Under from Nick Calpakdjian on Vimeo.

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