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iTunes Release

Metal Down Under is now available for purchase or rent on iTunes.

After the fantastic response to the film since its release on DVD in Australia on 22nd August the DVD has received great reviews from Heavy Mag, Rolling Stone, Blunt, Loud Online SF Media and many, many more magazines, websites and radio shows. It has also been released recently on DVD in the UK and Europe through Plastic Head Distribution.

The documentary is available for download in 3 parts as either HD (1080p) or SD (720p).

iTunes ReleaseWhat people have said…

“If you haven’t paid much attention to the Aussie scene but would like to know where to start, watch this documentary – it should set you on the right path.” 4 Stars. Rod Whitfield (SF Media)

“Nick Calpakdjian has made a funny and engrossing film that finally sheds a light on a part of Australia’s popular culture that has been left in the dark for its entire existence, a vital and important document that even people who couldn’t care less about heavy metal should see. After spending two years of his life on this, he deserves nothing but respect.” Brian Giffin (Loud Online)

“It’s a cliché, but anyone who is a fan of Australian heavy metal really needs to check out Metal Down Under. It’s not just flat out entertaining, but also a walk through history to show us all how we got to where we are today. Just be warned this doco can also make middle aged metal fans like myself begin to feel like an old fogey.” Dave Griffiths (Heavy Mag)

If you have the DVD and don’t want the iTunes version, do us a favour and click the link and rate the film and leave a comment if you have time. All helps a little film get noticed in a busy world. Thanks for the support!

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