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The Metal Down Under documentary is an independent production that is being funded by the filmmaker along with the generous support of many metal fans around Australia.

So far we’ve raised almost $4000 by selling t-shirts, a digital double album, stubby holders, pre-orders of the DVD and from a fundraising gig in Perth. But we are going to need more cash to see this project through.

We’ve got 80% of the film in the can so there will be another production period scheduled for later this year. Post-production is being carried out by Nick at his studio but there will be costs further down the line – final shoot, sound mix, colour grade, archive licensing, tape & DVD mastering, and a DCP to screen it at festivals and in cinemas. All of it costs money.

So to help raise the money we’ve created the Metal Down Under Member package.

man_colourWhat do you get by joining?

  • DVD pre-order
  • MDU T-shirt
  • MDU Stubby Holder
  • Double Album Digital Download (all Australian metal)
  • “Broken” DVD (music video compilation)

How much does it cost?

  • $100 AUD

What if I’ve already pre-ordered the DVD, bought a t-shirt, the album or donated money etc?

  • We’ll deduct the amount you’ve already spent supporting us and upgrade you to being a member when you pay the balance. So if you pre-ordered the DVD for $30 and scored a free t-shirt, then it will only cost you $70 to upgrade to being a member and receive the other items in the list.

We think this is pretty good value. And if you think you are more than likely to buy the DVD when it’s done, why not get involved now and help make our film as good as it can be. This is our Australian metal history and it deserves to be told!

Visit the online shop to join now ( or contact Nick ( to upgrade to becoming a MDU member.

Thank you to everyone so far for the support. It is shaping up to be a brutally rocking film! Check out a taste of the film here…


Current Metal Down Under Members

Roger Menso, Leigh Wilson, Shane Southby, Dianne Cunningham, James Wingfield, Daniel Roos, John Gibson, Tegan Newton, Deidre Rennick,

David Melanson, David Robinson, Michael Kraaz, Craig Matthews, Shayne Reid, Sarah Mayhew, Daniel Ahern, Michael Quall, Damien Lynch,

Christopher Hanson, Matthew Budge, Ben Beard, Joshua Voce, Nikki Kindred, Jamie Cass, Ben Lane, Andrew Johnson, Joseph Breikers, Mitch Moore,

Tezza Walsh, Monster Pictures, Glen Russell, Adam Crannage, Joel Whitford, Luke Di Salvia, Shane Morrison, Stella Zammataro, Ben Archer, Kaia Jenkins,

Michael van Balen, Steve Earle, Mick Larkins, Karen Edmunds, Johnny Stoj, Adrian Penny, Ron Dale, Noel Mollison, Lance Leembruggen, Matthew Oliver,

Jaymie Wright, BlueFreya Media, Jason Durnan, Andrew Harman, Lachlan Sigle, Ben Seddon, Alana Sibbison, Steven Randall,

Dawn Gellatly-Hofland, Michael Lambrellis, Steven Lamb, Marianne Ekebol, Jon Ellis

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