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East Coast Shoot

The Metal Down Under crew are heading to the east coast of Australia to continue filming the feature documentary that looks at the history of heavy metal music in Australia. It will be a whirlwind tour taking in Melbourne, Canberra, Wollongong, Sydney and Brisbane. We’ve lined up an impressive list of people to be interviewed including:

  • Dave Slave – Sadistik Exekution
  • Andrew Haug
  • Adam Agius – Alchemist / Metal for the Brain
  • Brian Griffin
  • Chris Maric – Riot / Nuclear Blast
  • Dan – Frankenbok
  • Jason PC – Blood Duster
  • John Gibson – Renegade
  • Karl and Sham – Nothing Sacred
  • Nick Cauchi – Venom Club Owner
  • Phil – Mass Confusion
  • Richie – Dreadnaught
  • Rodney Holder – Alchemist / Metal for the Brain / Bastardfest
  • Tim – Welkin Entertainment

We’ll keep you posted while we are on the road as much as possible with photos from the interview sessions. Following this round of filming we will head into the edit suite and start assembling the film. No doubt we’ll discover some missing elements and have one final round of filming later this year.

Thanks to everyone that has supported the film so far by donating their time for interviews, knowledge and sending me archive material. Thank you also to everyone that has pre-ordered the film and bought other merchandise. This is a self-funded project and all help is appreciated. If you want to help out, visit our big cartel page and pre-order the film or buy some other merchandise.



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