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Eye of the Enemy

Eye of the Enemy have been raising hell within the metal scene since 2006 with the release of their Demo and subsequent self-titled E.P in 2008 Band: Eye of the Enemy Established: 2006 Origin: Melbourne Band Members: Mitch Alexander (vocals) Chris Kane (guitar) Ben Hunt (bass) Simon Headley (drums) Justin Macdonald (guitar) Albums: Weight of […]



Already building a strong reputation as a band that puts on dynamic and brutal live shows, Kimura can guarantee you’ll be tapping your toes, shaking a fist or banging your head when we take the stage. Band: Kimura Established: 2010 Origin: Perth Style: Groove Influences: Occupying a space on the metal spectrum somewhere near the […]


Into the Pit Records

Into the Pit Records is dedicated to unearthing the finest metal Australia has to offer (past and present) and unleashing it upon an unsuspecting public. Name: Into the Pit Records Established: 2013 Location: Kalgoorlie, WA Website: Email: Releases so far: ITP001 Aggressa – Nuclear Death + demos CD (available for the first time […]

Pod People

Pod People

One of Australia’s leading exponents of doom metal with a stoner edge and more Metal for the Brain appearances than any other band save Alchemist. Band: Pod People Established:1991 Origin: Canberra Style: The band evolved through line up changes from a more straight forward stoner rock sound to spearheading stoner doom metal in Australia. Influences: […]

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Spewed forth from the ruins of a dystopian empire, Exdemission are legion. The five piece ‘Death Thrash’ crew create a savage soundtrack to a world gone wrong. Combining the shredding groove of thrash and the brutality of death metal, they unleash a sonic signature that forces a listener to their feet. The high speed riffage […]

Red Devil EP Cover


Since forming in early 2010, ALKIRA have made a name for themselves as a young group of talented musicians with a brutal live show. Hailing from the small country town of Strathalbyn, South Australia this four-piece metal band have taken inspiration from all eras and incarnations of heavy metal and punk to develop a unique […]



There’s only so long a band can be around before most people would have heard your name, seen you live, or at least claim that you owe them money. Since late last century Frankenbok have been blowing into town after town, damaging hearing, and generally getting the job done where previously there wasn’t even any […]



One of the premiere bands to come out of Australia in the 90′s and arguably the biggest metal band to come out of Perth. __________________________________________________________________________ Band: Allegiance Established:1992 Origin: Perth Style: Thrash Albums: D.e.s.t.i.t.u.t.i.o.n. (1994) Skinman (1996) Band Members: Drums: Glen Butcher Guitar: Tony Campo Bass: Dave Harrison Vocals: Conrad Higson Guitar: Jason Stone Other […]



Formed by Mark De Vattimo (ex Voyager and winner of the ‘WF Metal Awards Best Guitarist’ 2007 & 2009 and ‘WAMi Best Guitarist Nominee’ 2005.) in Perth, Australia circa 1999. __________________________________________________________________________ Band: Psychonaut Established:1999 Origin: Perth Style: The band has a classic metal & rock sound with lyrical themes such as Star Wars, Hammer Horror […]


Blood Duster

Blood Duster is an extreme metal-stoner rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Their name comes from the song “Blood Duster” by John Zorn, from the 1989 album Naked City. _____________________________________________________________________ Band: Blood Duster Established: 1991 Origin: Melbourne Style: GRINDINGDEATHROCK! Influences: Rodney Rude, Prince, Zappa, Carcass, napalm Death, Terrorizer. Albums: Yeest (1996), Str8 Outta Northcote (1998), Cunt […]



PEGAZUS is a very melodic sounding band whose songs and compositions are strongly structured on great riffs, licks and most importantly sing along melodies, consisting of very anthemic tunes and catchy hook filled choruses. ____________________________________________________________________ Band: Pegazus Established: 1993 Origin: Melbourne Style: Melodic sounding band whose songs and compositions are strongly structured on great riffs, […]